Joey Slomowitz

Malandrino outfits for the season come complete with a male model accessory.  Happy to oblige.  @malandrinobuzz @hdbphoto #CatherineMalandrino #NewYork  (at New York, New York)
By Alex Sayhi
By Alex Sayhi
The #scruffy boy look is back today for a shoot with #Yanbal #Unique in #Miami

Joey Slomowitz by Seiji Fujimori

Facepaint for Halloween!  Inspired by the ‘Shinigami’ from the Japanese animé ‘Death Note’.  Facepaint and pictures by Brett Bailey
Joey Slomowitz shot by Rick Day
Joey Slomowitz by Al BruniShot in New York 

Joey Slomowitz in suits by Danny Cardozo

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